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Set Design

When designing sets, my priority is always on interactivity and movement. Sets that move should compliment the flow of the show and should provide rich opportunities for character interaction. My 15th set design is currently in production for performance in March.

Set Dressing

Through prop mastering and theatre education I have had the opportunity to construct and acquire many interesting set pieces including furniture, sliding rails, and standing mirrors.. Notably, a ship helm I built  for The Little Mermaid was used by a traveling professional company in a production of The Horse and His boy at the DC Bible Museum.

Costume Design

As a teacher, I design and construct my own sets, props, and lighting. In addition, I have switched to fully constructing and altering costume  pieces myself rather than just borrowing or bringing in seamstresses for more difficult costumes. The majority of costumes in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe were either constructed by myself or by students.

Graphic Design

For production advertisement I have taken to making my own Graphics. These are all made using Canva.  Recently, I  have been asked to make designs for other local theatre programs as well. 

Scenic Art and Design

Scenic design has been a passion of mine since college, where I was the scenic designer for all productions my senior year. Outside of my theatre program, my reputation has offered me opportunities to paint for other theater programs in the community other schools and church drama programs.

Lighting Design

I design the lights for all of my shows within my school's program. I have become familiar with Incandescent fixtures and LED Movers. I am proficient using older DMX fader boards as well as modern boards; I actively use an ETC Ion. 

Prop Design

I've built many props working for children's theaters but I also spent some time professionally working on props for Riverside Center for the Performing Arts. Working on Hunchback of Notre Dame there,  I had to create a cauldron that poured fabric "molten lead" onto the ensemble, a medallion that had a map, and several fabric art pieces to drape around the stage. I have experience practicing stage combat and I  have worked on several productions that utilized stage weapons. I am proficient in their care and maintenance and have basic experience with theatrical firearms.

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