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Brittany Walters

Theatre Educator, Director, Stage Manager



My name is Brittany Walters and I am a theatre educator from the DC area with work on more than 50 shows and seven years of radio and commercial VO experience. In 2017, I earned a BA in Theatre from Bluefield College where I studied performance and stage management. I have since been working for theatre companies in Fredericksburg, VA as a director, stage manager, prop master, set designer, and actor. Currently, I am a DJ for B101.5 FM, the senior stage manager at Christian Youth Theatre Fredericksburg, and the drama teacher at Fredericksburg Christian School.

As a theatre educator of seven years, I have found a passion for utilizing theatre practice, attendance, and education to provide young people with sanctuary and empathy in places where they may not have access to either. Through rehearsals, practicum, and performance students find appreciation for the skills and talents of their peers and thus better understand how true communities work and what their role is within the community.  Students should be free to come to theatrical performing arts for the passion of storytelling and the desire to create, but they should always leave the theater with a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. 

In technical theatre and design my vision is always built around the performer, their characters, and how they may utilize the design or direction I develop. My designs are known for being playful and interactive. If there's something on my stage I wholeheartedly believe it should be functional, eaten, climbed upon, taken apart, put back together,  and attended to in any possible way that a character may feel led. Costumes, properties, and sets do more than shape the world that the characters exist in; they breathe life into it. Though a great performance needs no production, for the actor it is an asset with which to play and to play within. Designers should always prioritize the actor at play to facilitate a safe and more enriching environment for the character to be discovered. 

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